We Are Here For The Everyday People. 


Charging $10 to invest is unheard of! Yes, we know. We here at Steady Investments Club are here to help you increase by not only growing your money but letting you keep your profits.

Why are we only charging $10? Because you worked hard for your money and now you are here ready to invest. We are ready to invest for you just like you are ready to invest with us.

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You can start investing even if you only have $100!

Yes, $100! Most companies tell you that you need thousands of dollars before you can invest. We are saying you don't. If you start with $100, we are going to pool your funds with others who start with $100 in a fund together for a bigger return The great part is everyone receives the same amount at the end of the contracted term.

We want you to see your investment grow 25% yearly. Instead of sending you out monthly statements, we will meet once a month in an online community webinar to update you on your account. We want you to know that we are not only growing your investment but others as well. Every 3 months, you'll receive a quarterly fund statement that details your account growth. 

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Lastly, we don't get paid, until you get paid. We will not pay ourselves until you make a withdrawal.

Once again, we are committed to you seeing your account grow firs and gaining you 25% a year for the contractual term until we pay ourselves. is 

Ready To Begin Investing With Steady Investments Club?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Minimum I Invest?

The mimum is $100.00.

What Will Happen After I Invest $100.00?

When you invest $100, we will pool your money together with other clients who've invested $100 into a collective fund. The fund will be processed into a broker account the 1st of the following month. If you decided to invest $100 every month, the $100 will be pooled into a collective fund and will begin the 1st of the following month. Example: If you invest $100 February 2-28, the account will be processed March 1st. After account is processed, please allow us 48-72 hours to send account information to your email.

Can I Add More Money To The $100.00 Fund In The Same Month?

Simple answer is no. We want to allow everyone to gain the same return, we ask that you either invest in the Thousand Club or invest $100 each month.

What Is The Thousand Club?

The Thousand Club is for those who can invest $1000. If you'd like to invest more than $1000, please book a free consultation by clicking "Book Online."

When Will Happen After I Invest $1000.00?

After you invest $1000.00, your account will be processed to a broker account immediately. Please allow us 48-72 hours to send an email with the account information.

How Long Is The Contract For?

The contract is for 4 years. We ask that you give us 4 years to double your investment account(s). If you withdraw from your account before the 4 year term is up, there will be a fee taken out.

How Much Is Steady Investment Fee?

Our fee is 1% of your account. After the 4 year term is complete, we will take out our fee then. If you withdraw from your account before then, we will charge a fee.

Can I Add More Money To My $1000 Account?

Yes. Please keep in mind, we are gaining you 25% on the original deposti amount. The same goes for an account started with more than $1000.

How Much Is The Membership Fee?

To be apart of Steady Investments, we are only charging $10 per year. To stay active as a member, the fee will come out automatically yearly.

Is There A Fee To Maintain My Account?

Yes. To maintain the deposit of $100, the maintenance fee is $15. To maintain the deposit of $1000, the maintenance fee is $50. Please book a free consultation online if you decide to begin an investment account with more than $1000.

Can Multiple People Invest Together

Yes. If you'd like your account to start without waiting for the first of the month, you can pull your money together with friend, family members, co-workers to join the Thousand Club. If you choose this option, once you send investment, please email us the names and email addresses of participants to steadyinvestmentsclub@gmail.com