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"As you invest in us, we invest in you."Steady Investments Club

We know that most people never see the face of their investors. We want you to know we are real people. You can schedule a video consultation for any questions you may have before committing. Our goal is to make sure you are of sound mind and heart, knowing we are hard at work growing your investment. 

We Specifically Tailor To...

The working class who are looking for real returns. We know most people rely on savings accounts, mutual funds, IRA's, and 401K's, but this is another side of investing waiting for you to tap into.



Our Investors Are...

  • Knowledgeable in the Foreign Exchange Market

  • Well informed in TSP government accounts, stocks, ETFs, and know what it takes to properly diversify. They've taken that knowledge and put the main focus back into the Foreign Exchange market.

  • Well informed in what it takes to grow your account above and beyond what others guarantee 

  • Personal professional people. You will know who your investors are and are able to contact them. No runarounds.

Our Investors Are Not..

  • Magicians. They have worked hard to study the Foreign Exchange market thoroughly for 10+ years. Their knowledge comes by experience.

  • Unreachable. We are real people and we want you to know we are here for you. 

Our Investors Will...

  • Invest your funds in the Forex market across indices, commodities, precious metals, and currency pairs.

  • Minimize risk exposure by risking no more than .001% of your account on any given trade.

  • Make your money rather the market goes up and down. This is the benefit of us focusing on only one financial market.

Our Investors Will Not...

  • Expose your account to unnecessary risk

  • Hide any fees. We are upfront investors. 

  • Keep you in the dark. You will receive quarterly, simple to read statements that will detail the growth of your account.

Minimum Investments

Minimum Investment is $5,000. Don't have it? It's ok. Let us help you grow it. Click here.


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