What We Do

We are a Club that is dedicated to helping the everyday person develop wealth over time. We strive to help you invest without limits.

Who Are Our Investors?

Our Investors are you:

  • The average 9-5 working person

  • The family man and woman

  • The person too busy to invest for themselves

  • The person who wants a bright financial future

  • The College Student

Who Is Steady Investments Club?

Steady Investments Club is an investment and education platform that helps people learn about the investment possibilities that are not taught in school. We are a group made up of different intelligent mindsets with the same vision- to help people who never thought possible, learn how to create wealth over time 

How Do We Do It?


Investment Account Management

How do we provide this service?  As a  member, you invest your money with our investors and earn up to 25% annually. Your money is invested in the Forex market and compounded for growth through the exchange of currency trading. The best part is it's a low-cost annual fee with no monthly fees and we don't pay ourselves until you make a withdrawal.

Business Meeting

Education As Lows As $10


Forex Education

Learn how to become your own investor. Discover a wide array of forex knowledge through ebooks and videos that will show you how to invest in the forex market yourself. You'll also be able to join live forex workshops and classes held every month for a low cost of $10 a week. Talk about a profitable steal!!!

Working from Home